Famous Ghost Photograph: Tombstone Cemetery

Tombstone Cemetery

This photograph was taken in 1996 by Ike Clanton at the legendary boothill in Tombstone, Arizona.You'll notice in the background an image of a man that Clanton insists was not there when the photograph was taken. Clanton insists that the man is holding a knife (which I cannot see).

Initially I ruled this photo out as being "ghostly." I figured that there was someone sitting in the background that Clanton did not notice. However, when you look at the actual photograph (which you can see better in the video) the image seems much closer than in the photo posted here.

In the video, Clanton says he went back two weeks later and the cemetery was "no longer overgrown" the way it was in the picture (almost suggesting that the weeds are ghostly, too). He also claims that he attempted to recreate the photograph. But when he talks about recreating the photograph, he makes no mention of the fact that the cemetery had been mowed down.

Clanton also states as proof that the legs of the "ghost" are not visible, and during the recreation the legs were seen. Well, that wouldn't be true if the "ghost" was kneeling or if he was sitting on his legs in a slight depression. I would also like to point out that no photographs of the recreation have ever been seen.

While some also point out that the main figure in the picture is oddly standing to the left, rather than being center in the picture. Clanton says he purposely took the picture that way in order to capture the mountians in the background. (I think claiming that you wanted to get the tombstones in the picture would have made a more believable story.)

So, is this photo real or fake? I haven't seen enough evidence to suggest that it is real. I don't believe it is a purposeful fake, or that Clanton is trying to hoax people. Instead I think that someone was in the background that he didn't see. Someone might have laid down on the grave to have his picture taken and sat up the moment the picture was taken. Clanton didn't notice him at the time because he was focused on his friend.

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