Best Practices for Photography on Ghost Tours and Hunts

I'm not going to claim to tell you how to get ghost pictures. It's a crap shoot at the best times. However, here are some tips that will help you avoid getting false ghost pictures.

  1. Take extra batteries. Spirits are notorious about draining batteries.
  2. Take two or more photographs at a time. This will help you determine what is natural and what may be an anomaly.
  3. Keep track of your fingers, hair, camera strap and similar objects that often fall in front of the lens and create a "ghostly" image.
  4. Don't smoke and stay away from any smokers. (Good advice for any time.)
  5. Keep track of the weather conditions if planning to photograph outside. If there is fog, drizzle, rain or high pollen, chances are good that you will get tons of orbs--the natural, non-ghostly kind.
  6. Don't delete any photos until you review them at home. Often you'll miss something on the camera's screen that is obvious when you see the picture blown up on your computer screen.

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