My Orb

Here are a series of pictures someone took one night of my tour (and thankfully posted onto flickr). Although I'd like you to make up your own mind, I'd like to point out that because the photos are so dark, the orb does not seem to be caused by the reflection of a flash on something.

My orb 4

In this first picture, I've highlighted the orb. My orb 4As you can see, it is very bright and green. As the pictures progress, you'll notice the orb moves in all directions. While natural orbs can also do this, I am standing in a stairwell, and sheltered from any wind. So, a natural orb cound not be moved about in this pattern by the wind. If you are wondering about the other orbs in the pictures, they are not supernatural. They are street lights and display lights. Here is an enlarged image of the orb:

My orb 1

My orb 2

My orb 3

My orb 5

My orb 6

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