Historic Ghost Photograph: Andrews Baby

Andrews ghost baby

This photograph was taken by a Mrs. Andrews in 1947. The photo is of her daughter's grave in Gatton, Queensland, Australia. She reported nothing unusual when she took this photo and was astonished to see a child happily playing on the grave when she developed the film—especially since the child is translucent.

Mrs. Andrews has no idea who the child is. She does not recognize the child and says it does not look like her daughter. A researcher looking into the photo report that there are two graves of infants near that spot, suggesting the photo is of one of those babies. No concrete evidence of who the child is has ever been offered. This photo has never been discredited.

I'm inclined to believe that this is simply a double exposure or a hoax. The picture looks too good to be ghostly. It's possible that the ghost decided to pose for the picture, but it seems unlikely. The reason I'd rule out a double exposure is the image is too neatly placed on the cemetery. A double exposure would more likely not been set so neatly on the grave.

Granted, it may be ghostly. I have a hard time believing that Mrs. Andrews would be party to using her daughter's grave in part of a hoax. Parents are usually more sensitive about their children's gravesites. So, this photograph falls into the "I can go either way" category.