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The Haunted Internet is your one-stop resource for all things ghost. It was created by a ghost lover, believer, truth-seeker and writer. The site is continually growing, which means its always under construction. Expect a few growing pains, but also a lot of new content!

In my blog you can find posts about ghosts in the news and my experiences with ghosts along with posts about upcoming ghost programming and ghost stories. I've also added information about My Visit with Polk as seen on My Ghost Story.

In the Information section, you can find a Ghost Glossary with definitions of terms associated with ghosts. You can also find information about ghost videos and ghost photos including:

In the Stories section, I've included some of my writings about various ghost legends and locations including Crybaby Bridges, Gravity Hills, the Greenbrier Ghost, and Mammoth Cave.

In the Most Haunted section, you can find lists of what I feel are some of the most haunted places, hotels, and houses in the United States.

In the Media section, you can find information about both fiction and nonfiction ghost books as well as information about movies, television shows and songs about ghosts.

In the Fun Stuff section, I've included a list of ghost jokes and a ghost humor page that features cartoons and funny images featuring ghosts. On the merchandise page, you can find a link to my CafePress page which features ghost T-shirts, bumper stickers and other stuff. You can also find a page of ghost quotes and find more information about about me.

Finally, in the Links section, I've included links to websites that I feel are worthy of checking out as well as links to ghost tours, paranormal groups and paranormal blogs, podcasts and other media.